Get started

In this section we will create a notebook and will share it as a web app.

Create a notebook

Let's create a simple notebook that will print Hello Earth!.

Create a notebook

Define YAML header

Let's add a RAW cell at the beginning of the notebook. Please add YAML header there.

Notebook with YAML

The YAML config:

title: Hello 🌍🪐
description: Hello app
        input: select
        label: Please select a planet
        value: Earth
        choices: [Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune]

We define title and description - those values are used when displaying information about the app in the app-gallery. Additionally, the title is used in the side bar above the widgets.

In the params we define a single widget with the name planet. We set it's type to a select widget (input: select). The text in the label above the widget is set with label. The default value displayed by widget is value: Earth. The values in the select are set with choices.

Widgets names are variables names

Please remember that widgets names should be the same as variables names.

Run the app locally

To run app locally please use the command:

mercury run greetings.ipynb

Please open the web browser with address

Run app locally

If you would like to run a mercury locally on different port please specify it in the run command:

mercury run greetings.ipynb<your-port>

There are many ways in which the app can be deployed to the cloud. Please check the Deployment section.