Interactive Slides

You can easily create interactive slides from your notebook. Slides are created with reveal.js. The interactive widgets are added by Mercury framework. You can go through the slides and change them dynamically by tweaking widgets values.

  • To make slides from the notebook, please use the RISE extenction.
  • To make slides interactive, please add the YAML configuration in the first cell.

Full screen presentation

It is possible to enter the full screen mode. Please click anywhere in the presentation and press k on the keyboard. Press Esc to leave full screen mode.

Slides preview

You can enter slides navigation by pressing Esc key. You can select any slide by clicking it.


The example YAML configuration for creating interactive slides:

title: My app
description: My amazing app
output: slides
# ... the rest of the config ...

You can check the demo slides running at HuggingFace Spaces at

Interactive slides in Mercury


You can style apps with available themes.

Light themes:

  • white (default)
  • sky
  • beige
  • simple
  • serif
  • solarized

Dark themes:

  • black
  • league
  • blood
  • night
  • moon

To use the theme in the Mercury YAML configuration you need to define format. The example below:

title: My app
output: slides
    theme: night
# the rest of YAML ...

You can check slides themes online in the app.

Themes demo